2016년 11월 29일 화요일

Nail Polish, Color, and complete set offered by Leo Guesthouse!

Hello, this is Leo Guesthouse!

Look at our set!

 Did you know we provide high quality nail products for our guests?
We have 10 colors, coat, base, and two glitters!
We also have a set of nail Files' that total to an amount of 8, some including Wood, Zebra, and Sponge files~

Some brave ones posing for the camera

Anyone can use our nail set at anytime, just ask us in the office!!
And remember, if you want to come to Seoul and stay with us in Hongdae~
Let's have a good time together :)

-Leo Guesthouse

2016년 11월 28일 월요일

Your Hallyu experience in Seoul

Hi guys!

Today we would like to talk a bit about what Seoul has to offer you if you happen to like popular culture, and especially k-pop. Hallyu tourism has grown immensely in the past few years and there is no better way to immerse yourself in Korean popular culture than to visit Seoul! :)

Today we attended a free tour and dance class provided by Seoul Tourism Organization. This program is only available to tourists and it aims to promote k-pop internationally.
The tour consists of visiting the SM studio and learning one SM group's choreography from a professional dance instructor. We learned Super Junior's Devil and we enjoyed it a lot!

So if you like to dance or just enjoy listening to k-pop, why not give it a go?

2016년 11월 25일 금요일

The first snow falls in Leo Guesthouse !

Hello guys!
Today, Seoul gets its first now of today!
Beautiful girls in Leo Guesthouse are seeing the first snow together :)Of course, we took a selfie for good memory!!
The real snow will fall soon and you guys can see beautiful and romantic view in here!
Also, Christmas is around corner. I hope it will be white Christmas ^.^
Come on guys! Let's see such a beautiful view and spend great time together.
We are waiting for you guys in Leo Guesthouse.
Nathalia, Lucy, Dalma, Emma, Nicole ^_^!

Recipe for Korean pancakes 부추전

Cooking in Leo Guesthouse is always a joy! Especially when our volunteers and guests join their forces. Yesterday we learned how to make Korean pancakes – 부추전. And we would like to share the recipe with you.

Ingredients: chives, flour, water, salt, oil
Sauce: soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, red chilli pepper

  1. Cut the chives or spinach into 5inch pieces and put them in a bowl.
  2. Powder them with flower and add a little water until it turns into a sticky paste.
  3. Pour oil on a pan and heat it up. Pour the paste on the pan and slowly fry it. Flip it after a few minutes.
  4. Done when it turns golden.

Tip: Add carrot and onion for a rich flavour. Also possible to use kimchi instead of chives → kimchijeon.

맛있게 드세요!

2016년 11월 23일 수요일

Gift from Japanese guest

Hi everyone!
Today the staff of Leo Guest House received some sweets as a goodbye gift from one of our guests.
All the staff members were really excited to try the real traditional Japanese snacks, and we weren't disappointed.
Thank you very much Mitsuyo for the snacks and the great memories as well!
We hope you had a great time at Leo guest House!! :):)

2016년 11월 21일 월요일

O'Sulloc Tea House

Hello guys!
Today I want to talk about a Tea House I went last week and now I'm in love with. It is O'Sulloc Tea House in Hongdae. It's very popular in Seoul and after going there I know why.
They are specialized in green tea and therefore they have so many products made with their green tea.
I went there with a friend who knows how much I love Green Tea Latte, so she ordered for me an amazing whole green tea flavor menu: green tea latte, green tea ice cream and my favorite one green tea sponge cake with cream inside.
The place was really good too, with plugs on every table and a computer, as you can see on the picture below. And also, we had the 2 floor for us so we could talk and laugh as much as we wanted.
If you'd like to check out this Tea House and other places of Seoul, come stay with us!

Leo Guesthouse

2016년 11월 18일 금요일

Welcome to Leo Guesthouse in Hongdae !

Hello guys!
Today, I want to introduce famous sites Hongdae in Korea.
This area is always crowed with people and excitement.
Of course, you can walk down to Hongdae or 1 stop subway distance from Leo guesthouse.
Hongdae is a known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression.
Plus, there are bunch of the cultural events, street performances, and festivals held here.
Let's go guys together !

2016년 11월 17일 목요일

Hi guys!

This is Dalmi, one of the volunteers at Leo Guest House. As a person interested in history, today I would like to recommend the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.

This isn't one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seoul, but if you would like to understand Korean culture, you should definitely pay a visit!

While the National Museum of Korea and the War Memorial both introduce the roots of Korean history and give a comprehensive picture about the past of the peninsula, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History focuses on events of the nineteenth century to current time. So if you are a museum enthusiast (like me and Emma :D), the museum is a great choice for a rainy or chilly day in Seoul! 
The admission is free and the venue is easy to find, as it's located right next to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Ps.: The museum is currently hosting a Hungarian exhibition as well, which was a real pleasant surprise for us! Look out for the great banners with our flag! ;)

2016년 11월 14일 월요일

Meet fellow travelers at Leo Guesthouse

Hi, Alex here from London. 

Yesterday I was reminded of why I love working in Leo Guesthouse: Whenever I am surrounded by travelers, (even when I am not traveling myself) I find that the feeling of freedom they have is like infectious laughter.

Its impossible not to catch a smile when you are sharing stories with other travelers like these at Leo Guesthouse. The chill atmosphere we have at Leo's place makes everyone open up to eachother and share their stories.

Safe travels to Rachman, Wahyu and all your friends from Lombok, Indonesia.
All the best wishes from Leo Guesthouse!

2016년 11월 11일 금요일

Hello, we are Dalmi and Emma

Hi everyone,

We are Dalmi and Emma, two Hungarian girls and we are currently traveling in Asia after having finished our university studies. We will be spending three weeks at Leo Guesthouse as volunteers and we are looking forward to explore Seoul and make new friends here!
The other volunteers at the guesthouse are amazing and they instantly made us feel at home. Thank you Natalia, Kalvin and Alex :)

So far we didn't have too much time to visit many places in Seoul but yesterday we had the chance to see The War Memorial of Korea. The memorial made a great impact on us as we are really interested in Korean history and have read various books on the topic. We spent more than two hours inside and we still want to go back to explore the rest of it!

Tomorrow we have a free day to explore more of Seoul and it's wonderful culture and people. We can't wait!

2016년 11월 10일 목요일

Le Spiritus Tenebrae Plastic

Hello this is Leo Guesthouse!~

Today we have a foreign staff you might already know as Alex. Alex is from London and has been with us for some quite time.
Alex is a dazzling man and quite a fashionista.

This is his newest look, le "Spiritus Tenebrae Plastic!!"

(!!Applause 박수!!)

The Spiritus Tenebrae Plastic is a head accessory of dark color, with very shiny reflective material. This accessory has only one made in the world, one made by the brilliant and technically non-tone deaf person I know. And it resides right here in our guesthouse!
It is not just a plastic bag on his head I assure you.
He then later made kimchi and rice with this look.

Ok, it is just a plastic bag. But there is only one black plastic bag worn by a London singer songwriter that lives in Hongdae that lives in Leo Guesthouse named Alex.
And if you would like to meet this gorgeous man, you should come to our guesthouse in Hongdae, Leo Guesthouse!

Have a wonderful evening!

2016년 11월 8일 화요일

Volunteer staff from Spain

Hi, I'm Natalia from Spain! I'm one of the volunteers at Leo Guest House. The first question that people ask me is "Why Korea?". The main reason I came here was to find out more about Korea.
I wanted to experience a new vibrant culture in East Asia. I have never been to an Asian country before. It was scary to me at first, but I quickly adjusted after a few days because I met a lot of friendly locals and made tons of new friends at Leo Guesthouse.
My favorite place in Korea are cafes mainly because I love to meet my friends at cafes, and I love drinking green tea lattes. At first when I came to Korea I went to many tourist sports such as Myongdong, Namsan Tower, and various palaces. But after a month of being a tourist, cafes resonated with me the most for it's feeling and meeting of friends.
So a lot of people think that the food in Korea is spicy, but there are actually tons of options for people who cant eat spicy food like I. For example my favorite one's are Kimbap (김밥) and Naengmyeon (냉면) with Kalbi (갈비).
I really enjoyed my time in Korea and Leo Guesthouse thus far, and I hope to experience even more what Korea has to offer!

2016년 11월 7일 월요일

Hey guys!

Last time we made a post about our types of rooms but today we're going to talk about our beds with more details.

We have different bedrooms that fit 4, 6 to 8 people where you will have privacy with the special bed curtains that give you your private space to sleep.
We also have individual lamps for those who like to read before sleeping or have the light on and individual plugs to charge your phone while sleeping.

Leo Guest House is perfect for individual travelers and groups alike! Hope to see you soon!

2016년 11월 4일 금요일

Hi!! Today I want to show you how to arrive to Leo Guesthouse from Incheon Airport.
You have two options:
1- By bus.
Take the bus No. 6002 at Gate 12A. It takes 74 min and costs 10000KRW. 
You just have to get off at Hapjeong station (1 stop) and go to exit 2 (Green Line).
2- By subway.
Take the "Airport Railed Line" (AREX). It takes 71 min.
You have to get off at Hongik Univ. station (7 stops). Transfer to Line 2 (Green Line) until Hapjeong station (1 stop) and go to exit 2.
In the exit 2 you will see the bakery "Tous les Jours" and "Mapo Dumpling". Walk to "중앙공인중개사" (orange sign) and turn right. Go straight and you will find Leo Guesthouse Hongdae sign.
It's really easy, just 5 min! You can't miss it!

Don't forget to check out our website for more information: www.leo-guesthouse.com :):)