2015년 12월 28일 월요일

My favorite youtuber !!!

Hello, everyone!

I  started to watch youtube videos really recently.

And, of course, I think you'd know who this is, he's really famous,

but for those who do not know, I want to introduce

the best daily youtuber, Casey Neistat!!!

1,742,844 people are subscribing!!!!!!!

He's been making youtube videos ever since, and at first,

if I'm correct, he used to make it with his brother,

but now they don't do it any more together I guess.

5 years ago: My old car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G6d1nOcElg

4 years ago: Bike lanes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzE-IMaegzQ

3 years ago: The butter box trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3jBATBQU9w

2 years ago: My girlfriend Candice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dALypGk3xbI

1 year ago: Pennyboard suitcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6bdpR_3HCU

He used to make videos about issues in America or in NY where he lives now.

But, I think he's moving to somewhere soon?

Since last year, he has been making youtube videos everyday!

And just think about it!


He's just amazing.

Actually, he's ones are the ones that I never get bored of.

There are amazing youtubers of course that I don't know yet.


Check his youtube out...

It's fun!!!!

I don't know it's not like crazy or anything

but it makes you keep watch!!!



He has so many awesome videos!!!!

Check check check it out!!!!!!!!!!!! ></

And check out guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea as well!!!


2015년 12월 23일 수요일

Korean Beauty

Hello :) It's pretty warm in Korea.

I hope it's not because of the global warming...

Anyway! Today, I want to talk about 
Korean Beauty!

In Korea, there are many women without eyelids.

Of course, so many women make them with plastic surgery nowadays,

but!!! There are many women who still keep their natural beauty!

So, I want to introduce you some of Korean women stars who have no eyelids!

1. Kim Ko-eun

She's a rising Korean movie star. 
I like her acting.

She played in <A Muse>, <Coin Locker Girl>, <Memories of the Sword> and etc.

2. Baek Jin hee

She's a rising TV star. 
She is so adorable and currently, 
she's going out with Park seo jun whom all Korean women love !!!

I envy her so much, but they look so good together :)

I myself do not have eyelids and I'm perfectly happy with my face.

I think I'm attractive, and many of my friends were too, even before they did the surgery.

It is really sad that people cannot have high self-esteem..

But, I also understand why they do due to their circumstances...

I hope South Korea can be known for its natural beauty

than the plastic surgery...

Ok, that's it for today :)


2015년 12월 21일 월요일

Christmas Eve Party in Leo guesthouse !!!

Hello, every each of you in the world :)

It's totally winter in Korea

not much snow though yet lol

Anyway, we are having a Christmas eve party in the guesthouse.

And there will be a mini concert, some finger food and


I hope many of you come and join us!!!



Book now!!!

2015년 12월 15일 화요일

My travel of Japan. [Universal Studio]

Hello~everyone, I'm Aeri, it's a long time no see.
Last week, i had some holiday, so i have been to Osaka of Japan.
I want to share my journey story for you guys.
I stayed in Osaka only 3nights and 4days.
My purpose is 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter' in 'Universal Studio'.
It was so impressed than the other theme park.
The weather was so perfect that day.
Not too many people in Universal Studio.It was not too crowed.
Outside and Inside are so similar to Movie of Harry Potter.
I felt so I'm in real Hogwarts.
If you love Harry Potter, you should go there!
It is dream come true!!
 So many picture on the wall, some picture moving and talking.
The same the movie!!

The Hogwarts Castle.
Look so real!!

This is The Hagrid's house.

Four symbol of Hogwarts.

Amazing tasty Butterbeer!!!!
I wanna try it one more!!!

 Hogwarts Express train!!

If you watched Harry Potter 'The chamber of secret'. you know that the blue car. why the car is crack and know reason.

 The attraction is 4d, You get glasses and go on attraction.
Really fantastic when you ride the attraction.
I never forget Harry potter area.
I'll go the other Harry potter zone in England.
Next time, i'll show you about the other travel story of Japan.

L E O   G U E S T   O U S E 


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2015년 12월 10일 목요일

Collin Farrell, my ideal man

This sounds funny, but today I want to talk about my Ideal Man.

I went to Dublin in 2010 for the working holiday to Ireland

because Collin Farrell was born there.

Funny, I know cuz he lives in the U.S.

But I heard that he comes to Ireland during Christmas....


I love man with black hair, lots of hair with mustache on the face

Perfect. Just perfect!

I also like him because he's such a good actor.

Have you watched 

He won the Golden Globe for
the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical

Of course,He should.

It was awesome!!!!!

I don't know why I'm so into hairs.

I just love man with lots of hair.

It makes them look more manly, I guess.

And I've been dating man like that ever since...lol

What's your ideal man?


2015년 12월 9일 수요일

Foreigner Staff Needed in Leo Guesthouse[!]

Hello~ Ali~ (It means Hello in Palauan)

As so many people see and read our blog

I wanted make an announcement!

We are looking for someone who's good at illustration

has photoshop skill :-) and who would reside in our guesthouse!

If you are coming to Korea as a working holiday

and good at those skills!

Please, feel free to contact us.

e-mail: leohongdae@naver.com

2015년 12월 1일 화요일


Hello, everyone :D

It's rainy today in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope you have a great day today.

Today, I want to inform you about <Seoul Design Festival 2015>

If you are interested in design, of course, you should check this out!

*Festival Outline*
브랜드와 디자이너의 콜라보레이션
(Brand+Designer's Collaboration)

디자인 전문회사, 디자인 제품, 하드웨어•소프트웨어, 제조•유통•판매 기업, 교육기관, 미디어
(Design company's goods)

한국문화콘텐츠의 세계화 프로젝트

동상이몽, 디자이너들의 상상이 가득한 실험실

신예디자이너 30인의 셀프브랜딩

월간<디자인>이 선정한 대학생 디자이너 15인의 데뷔전

해외 디자이너 프로모션

Check this site out ! You can also see Youtube  videos about them :)


Date: 2015년 12월 2일(수)~6일(일), just 5 days
Place: Coex 1층 Hall B
Time: 10:30-19:00 (18:00까지 입장)

Psy is back !!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone!!!!

It's getting cold in South Korea.

How's the weather in your country?

I hope you make a comment below, and let us know :D

Okay, so, you have not forgotten about Psy, have you?

PSY <Gangnam Style>

It was a BIG HIT through out the world,

and he is Back with new album!!!


Watch his new song music video!

People are making reaction videos already!!!!

It's so fun!!!